October 5-8 2017

Event hours


3 Videos

Company introduction or greeting, highlights of products or services, quick tutorial, etc.

8 Product cubes

Product sheet: information sheet with detailed descriptions (different languages can be featured), website hyperlink, and an image.

3D rotator: allows for detailed viewpoints of a product from contrasting angles. It is made up by a sequence of photos taken from different positions using a smartphone, for example.

Photo gallery: sequence of images showcasing the product or service in different commercial/retail settings or other environments.

10 Brochures

Brochures, catalogues, and extended information about the company and its products/services.

9 Banners and posters

Images used to brand and customize the booth. Some wall posters are clickable and link to high resolution images or web pages.

Company profile

Organizational information containing a representative image or logo, a brief description, a contact link to chat or email, and a booth rating score.

Bulletin board

An informational board that allows exhibitors to create promotional ads, manage job postings and seek specific professional roles. It is an effective tool that facilitates business matching.


Participants' activities can be tracked for valuable data and impressions to determine: which booths were visited, what content was downloaded, and the number of business cards collected. All this information is available to organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

3 Booth assistants

Booth assistants (company staff, agents, etc.) help the exhibitor engage with attendees during the event.

October 5-8 2017Event hours 2020-09-04 2020-09-05


October 5-8 2017Event hours 2020-09-04 2020-09-05

October 5-8 2017Event hours 2020-09-04 2020-09-05



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